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Warning: this howto assumes that you use a Spektrum Satellite running at 3.3V. Always make sure to look up the specs of the satellite you are using and make sure the satellite is using 3.3V.

adding a Spektrum Satellite to the Naze32
  1. Start by connecting your satellite with a conventional receiver. Bind the satellite with your transmitter and verify that the satellite is working and binded correctly.
  2. Hookup your satellite to your Naze32
    IF you use the original cable you can use the following scheme:
    • Orange = VCC = 3.3V connection
    • Black = Ground = Pin Ground
    • Grey = Signal = Pin 4 (Note: lots of people think it is PIN 1, this is NOT right!)
  3. Use a USB cable to connect your Flight Controller at your computer.
    • Open Baseflight
    • Go to the CLI tab
    • Type in the follow codes
      1. To enable "serial RX"
        feature SERIALRX
      2. To select the right Spektrum profile (see Reference.CLICommands for additional profiles)
        set serialrx_type=1
      3. Set the right output order of the Spektrum Satellite
        map taer1234
      4. Save the settings and reboot the controller
  4. Open the "receiver" tab in Baseflight. You now should see the movements you make with your transmitter sticks. It should be working now.
  5. Set your endpoints again and make sure they are all good.
  6. Check if all your switches still do what they should do under the "auxiliary Configuration" tab in Baseflight.
  7. Disconnect your Naze32 from your computer and take off the props. Hook up your lipo and check again if everything is working as it should be. When you are sure everything is working right do a range check to make sure your range is good enough!
  8. Happy Flying!

Special thanks to "World Citizen" from for writing this guide in dutch.

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Page last modified on March 28, 2016, at 03:10 PM